2 March, 2017
3 March, 2017
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The so called vagus nerve is one of the longest nerve in the body, it extends from the skull to the abdomen. It is the main nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system, in charge of easing the bodies functions to relax, the opposite to the sympathetic, which controls the mechanism to be on alert. The vagus nerve allows us to slow the heart rate down after being active, decreasing blood pressure, relaxing the body and regulating digestion and sleep. To learn how to simulate this nerve doesn’t only help relaxation, it also strengthens the inmune functions, helps reduce anxiety ( and can also help with those who have overweight problems ) to treat hipertension and depresion, on top of other things.

As it is very long, the vagus nerve provides the throat, lungs, the heart, digestive and respiratory system with nerve fibers. Also, it controls muscular movement.

That is why, if it is affected, there can be symptoms such as gastronomical disorders ( wind, inflamation, constipation, diarrhea, pains in the abdominal area ) anxiety, anger, depression for no reason or disproportionate depression, difficulty in moving the tongue.

A really easy technique that you can do anywhere is to breathe consciously. This is the only way in which the nervous system can be regulated and it helps relaxation, the elimination of toxins, concentration and calmness. In order to carry through the abdominal and diafragm respirations all you have to do is:

  • Breathe in slowly through the nose, counting in your head to 4.
  • Hold the air in your lungs for 6 seconds, while contracting the abdomen.
  • Brethe out while counting to 4, contracting lightly your lips.

Try do this many times a day, and especially in a stressed situation. Do it slowly and profoundly, being conscious of the journey the air goes on through the body.

Apart from being relaxing, this exercise can help lower blood pressure, better the heart rate, better the imunne system and reduce anxiety.

  • Place a cool wet cloth on your face.
  • Drink a glass of cold water fast.
  • Lay down on an inclined surface, with your head facing down.
  • Have a healthy diet containing vegetables, nuts and fruit. Try not to eat too much cereal (especially the refined cereal ), oxidized vegeable oil, sugar, dairy or processed food.

Have in mind that your body has a great capacity to cure. Learn how to work with your body, and improve your capacity to know what is happening and know when to seak proffessional help.

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