16 August, 2018
recetas frescas y saludables

5 fresh and healthy recipes to enjoy in summer

Fresh and healthy recipes are essential for the summer season. Therefore, we want to share with you five very easy and quick recipes to make with […]
14 August, 2018
toldos para el agua

Are there any awnings for water?

For many people, an awning is only for the summer season and partly it may be true because it protects perfectly from the sun’s rays, but […]
9 August, 2018
hotel para mascotas

Going on holiday? Leave your pet in a pet hotel

If you have a pet and you go on vacation, you have two alternatives, or take it with you or leave it to someone you trust […]
7 August, 2018
Toldos motorizados

Can all awnings be motorized?

Nowadays we can find a large number of awning classes in the market and although many people have completely manual models, they do not know that […]

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