TOLDOS GUARDAMAR has always cared about the environment. We believe that the small gestures can make a big movement.

This is why we make sure our work is completely environment friendly, however we want to go that little bit further, by making TOLDOS GUARDAMAR GREEN a space where we giving you information about recycling and ways to make look after our planet. We also take your used awnings to make sure they recycled correctly.

Opting for a good sun protection is also opting for a responsible energy consumption, as our sun systems protect and also, insulate.

21 September, 2018

On September 29 we inaugurated a new exhibition

You are all invited to the grand opening of our new exhibition in Guardamar del Segura! Come and visit our new office located at Avenida del […]
20 September, 2018
toldos resistentes al agua - awnings water resistant

Are all awnings water resistant?

You may have wondered at some time if all the awnings that are currently on the market are awnings resistant to water. Unfortunately not and although […]
18 September, 2018
que tu bronceado dure más -suntan

5 tips to make the suntan last longer

Having a good suntan during the summer and months later is the goal of many people, but unfortunately not everyone knows how to make the tan […]
16 September, 2018
pergola alérgicos al sol

Awnings, the best option for people allergic to the sun

Although for many people the arrival of summer entails sunbathing on the beach or the pool, for a small number of them it is a problem […]
13 September, 2018
vuelta al cole

Tips for a good Back to School

It never hurts to keep in mind different guidelines to Back to School What to do to have a good back to school? From Toldos Guardamar we […]
11 September, 2018
toldo resistente al viento

How much wind can my awning withstand?

Although an awning installed by a professional firm has many more guarantees than if it has been installed by a person who does not know much […]
6 September, 2018
material escolar-recycle school supplies

7 tricks to recycle school supplies from the previous year

The recycling of school material is something that must be taken into account in the back to school. Although there is still plenty of time, it […]
4 September, 2018
toldos verticales - Vertical awnings

Vertical awnings to protect and optimize spaces

Vertical awnings are one of the best ways to protect us from the sun and at the same time offer us the possibility of organizing spaces […]
30 August, 2018
tomando el sol

How long should we be sunbathing?

With the arrival of summer, sunbathing is one of the most common activities that can be done, which will allow us to get tanned, but also […]
28 August, 2018
proteger tu toldo

3 tricks to protect your awning until the next vacation

Awnings protect our homes and businesses and provide us with great comfort when it is sunny. In addition, in the market we can find a large […]
23 August, 2018
playas de la Costa Blanca El_Fosa_de_Calpe

The 10 best beaches on the Costa Blanca

Summer is one of the moments of the year that almost everyone likes, especially because they can enjoy many activities that can not be done during […]
21 August, 2018

Choose the perfect pergola for your garden

Having a pergola for the garden is one of the alternatives that you should take into account if you have enough space. In this way you […]
16 August, 2018
recetas frescas y saludables

5 fresh and healthy recipes to enjoy in summer

Fresh and healthy recipes are essential for the summer season. Therefore, we want to share with you five very easy and quick recipes to make with […]
14 August, 2018
toldos para el agua

Are there any awnings for water?

For many people, an awning is only for the summer season and partly it may be true because it protects perfectly from the sun’s rays, but […]
9 August, 2018
hotel para mascotas

Going on holiday? Leave your pet in a pet hotel

If you have a pet and you go on vacation, you have two alternatives, or take it with you or leave it to someone you trust […]
7 August, 2018
Toldos motorizados

Can all awnings be motorized?

Nowadays we can find a large number of awning classes in the market and although many people have completely manual models, they do not know that […]
3 August, 2018
niños en vacaciones

Plans with children during the summer holidays

Summer vacations are just around the corner and now is a good time to prepare some of the experiences with the little ones in the house. […]
1 August, 2018
elegir el color del toldo

What colors to choose for my awning?

Although for many people the color of an awning may be indifferent, the truth is that you have to take into account a number of aspects […]
28 July, 2018

What to do on vacation at the beach?

The summer season is getting closer and in Toldos Guardamar we would like to provide useful ideas for you to put them in practice. In this case, […]
26 July, 2018

5 tips to save water this summer

With the arrival of summer you can do many different activities ,such as going to the beach, take a dip in the pool, sunbathing, enjoy a […]

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