TOLDOS GUARDAMAR has always cared about the environment. We believe that the small gestures can make a big movement.

This is why we make sure our work is completely environment friendly, however we want to go that little bit further, by making TOLDOS GUARDAMAR GREEN a space where we giving you information about recycling and ways to make look after our planet. We also take your used awnings to make sure they recycled correctly.

Opting for a good sun protection is also opting for a responsible energy consumption, as our sun systems protect and also, insulate.

24 January, 2019

In winter, also protect yourself from UV rays

Many people think that the action of UV rays is only dangerous during the summer, but it is not; in all seasons the sun can be […]
22 January, 2019

Advantages of having a closed pergola in your restaurant or coffee shop

Nowadays, more and more restaurants or coffee shops take advantage of the space on your terrace for longer, even throughout the year. From Toldos Guardamar is […]
20 January, 2019

Toldos Guardamar says NO to sadness

According to the psychologist Cliff Arnall, the third Monday in January is the saddest day of the year. In many places it is cold and raining. […]
17 January, 2019

Games to share with family during winter

With the arrival of the cold season, you do not always want to leave the house. Staying at home is not synonymous with getting bored because […]
15 January, 2019

3 things you should know before installing a balcony awning

Although anyone can install an awning on the balcony of their home, it is important to take into account a number of factors. Any person will […]
10 January, 2019

Overcome the January belt-tightening saving energy at home

Although there are still weeks left until it arrives, the January hardship is a stage for all of us to spend and where we must control […]
8 January, 2019

Why add a curtain awning to my sun protection system?

If you already have a sun protection system for your home, such as for a terrace, having a curtain may be the ideal complement to create […]
3 January, 2019

Tips to get in shape after the Christmas holidays

At Christmas we all tend to commit some excesses with sweets, food and drink, which means that we can gain weight during this season. You already […]
1 January, 2019

I want it for Christmas! Bioclimatic pergola

Many people use the space provided by a pergola only during the summer season. It is an ideal place to protect yourself from the sun and […]
30 December, 2018

Top wishes for next year 2019

The Christmas season is here and from Toldos Guardamar we want to share with you some of the best wishes for next year 2019. What are […]
28 December, 2018

5 types of perfect awnings for restaurants

Many restaurants have spaces to lay a terrace or even a dining room outside of the business, which means that you can make the most of […]
26 December, 2018

Take advantage of the Christmas holidays to enjoy nature

When Christmas comes, you usually have a little more time. The children of the house do not have class and the adults usually have a saved […]
21 December, 2018

Your cars protected with an awning for parking

When you have a car, you have to take care of it, both inside and outside. At any time of the year, the vehicle is exposed […]
19 December, 2018

Christmas without alcohol Caution at the wheel!

From Toldos Guardamar we always give you very useful tips so you can enjoy your free time to the fullest. There are not many weeks for […]
17 December, 2018

Can I change the drapery of my awning?

In Toldos Guardamar we like to help you whenever possible and this time we are going to talk about the awning drapery. When exposed, the awning […]
11 December, 2018

3 Christmas recipes to make with children

We do not get tired, in Toldos Guardamar we love to share with you many ideas to make them in your home, like what we bring […]
11 December, 2018

Differences between awnings with cassette and without cassette

With the advice we offer in Toldos Guardamar, any interested person will have before him a whole universe of proposals regarding awnings for your home, terrace, […]
6 December, 2018

Christmas decorations 100% natural

At Toldos Guardamar we like to share many ideas with you and taking advantage of the fact that every day there is less time for Christmas […]
4 December, 2018

¿Qué tipo de toldos para ventanas hay?

Aunque muchas personas piensan que los toldos solo son para el verano. La verdad es que pueden ser instalados y disfrutados en cualquier momento del año. […]
4 December, 2018

What kind of window awnings are there?

Although many people think that awnings are only for summer, the truth is that they can be installed and enjoyed at any time of the year. […]

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