TOLDOS GUARDAMAR has always cared about the environment. We believe that the small gestures can make a big movement.

This is why we make sure our work is completely environment friendly, however we want to go that little bit further, by making TOLDOS GUARDAMAR GREEN a space where we giving you information about recycling and ways to make look after our planet. We also take your used awnings to make sure they recycled correctly.

Opting for a good sun protection is also opting for a responsible energy consumption, as our sun systems protect and also, insulate.

15 November, 2018

Your DIY (Do It Yourself) Christmas tree

There is still plenty of time for the arrival of Christmas, but we are at an excellent time to think about some novelties that can be […]
13 November, 2018

Bioclimatic pergola, a space to enjoy all year round

If you thought you had seen everything in terms of awnings, surely you do not know everything we can offer from Toldos Guardamar. One of the […]
8 November, 2018

On the long weekend of December: caution when driving

From Toldos Guardamar we want to share with you some tips to increase safety at the wheel during the long weekend of December and you can […]
6 November, 2018

Pergo Rain: the perfect awning for rain

If you are one of those who still think that an awning can not be used for areas where it rains or will be damaged when […]
4 November, 2018

5 perfect sports to practice as a family

At Toldos Guardamar we like to think about everything and give you useful tips for your home, family, etc. In this case we want to propose […]
1 November, 2018

Signs that indicate that I must renew my awning

With the passage of time, awnings may lose their main characteristics, especially if they have not been properly maintained. Unbound fabrics, loss of color, cracked, pierced, […]
30 October, 2018

Small actions that help to take care of the planet

Caring for the planet should be something that everyone should keep in mind, especially now that climate change is so remarkable, although it is something that […]
25 October, 2018

Do I need any permit to install an awning?

For the installation of an awning, many people might think that you only have to buy it, install it and everything is set. But not everyone […]
23 October, 2018

Vitamin D, the sun’s vitamin

Vitamin D is very important for our body, especially for the skin, but it also helps regulate the levels of phosphorus and calcium in the blood, […]
18 October, 2018

Encased systems, the best sun protection system

The encased systems have a mechanism that in closed position can protect the fabric once folded and also the arms of the awning. In this way […]
16 October, 2018

Top DIY costumes for Halloween

As happens in Carnival, Halloween or any other event that requires going in disguise, the costumes, by tradition, must be made with those things that we […]
14 October, 2018

Is it advisable to roll up the awning when it rains?

The care of the awning is one of the most important aspects that must be taken into account when you have a sun protection system like […]
11 October, 2018

Tips to go shopping without using plastic bags

The plastic bags that they give us in the supermarkets are a problem for the environment because they take a long time to biodegrade and the […]
9 October, 2018

Can I install any type of awning in my home?

Virtually any household may have an awning installed, but … can any awning be installed at home? It may seem simple but the truth is that […]
4 October, 2018

Ritual to take care of the skin after sunbathing

Everyone knows that before sunbathing we must prepare to take care of the skin and not burn ourselves, but one of the mistakes of many people […]
2 October, 2018

Take advantage of your terrace, garden or balcony throughout the year

One of the advantages of an awning at home is that it can not only be used during the summer season but throughout the whole year. […]
30 September, 2018
rutas en bicicleta - Bike routes

3 bicycle routes through Guardamar

Riding a bicycle is one of the most complete physical activities because practically all the muscles are worked on and it allows us to know different […]
27 September, 2018
toldo en invierno - awning in winter

Tips to protect my awning in winter

When winter comes, you have to think about protecting the awning and leaving it ready for the next time it is used again, which will probably […]
26 September, 2018

Sign up for our wine tastings and enjoy a new experience!

In Toldos Guardamar we don’t want to be a company that only sells your solar protection system and then forgets you. We love that our customers […]
25 September, 2018

Go back to the sports routine with Plogging

If you have not done your sports routines for a long time and you want to return to them, a formidable idea to do it is […]

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