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Modern society has developed a lifestyle characterized by excess consumption and exploitation of the environment, resulting in the rapid increase of a wide variety of solid waste, which usually ends up in huge dumps or even in different hydrographic basins. .

Under this scenario, it is imperative to take measures to mitigate the profound impact that these predatory actions generate in our environment and thus provide a respite for planet earth.

With this in mind, a wide range of social and governmental organizations have created various actions framed in respect for the environment and the rational use of natural resources, such as the encouragement and promotion of recycling.

In this context, during the year 2005 the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), proclaimed May 17 as the International Recycling Day, and in this way help to raise awareness among the population in about the importance of recycling in conserving the environment.

In general terms, we can say that recycling is a set of processes through which waste material is recovered to reuse it or transform it into a new product, thus reducing the heavy burden of garbage accumulation.

As part of these actions, it is currently very common to hear the term “the three Rs”, which means: reduce, reuse and recycle, that is, minimize consumption, return objects to use and transform waste into new ones. products.

This new way of looking at consumption generates significant benefits for the entire society, starting with the reduction of pollution, the conservation of natural resources, substantial energy savings and, in general, the preservation of planet earth.

From Toldos Guardamar we are very committed to the environment and all good practices to strengthen its conservation. Recycling is essential to give a second life to all those materials from our production, thus minimizing our carbon footprint. In addition, in our facilities we have a clean point where we separate and order our recyclable materials and those of all the people who need it to guarantee the maximum possible recycling and their correct treatment.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Agustín Salvat and Josefina Pelegrín – founders

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