5 perfect design awnings for your home

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Nowadays, there are more and more houses that have an awning or want to install an awning, because you already know that they are not only for the summer. In Toldos Guardamar we have prepared for you a wide range of proposals to which surely you will not be able to resist, with designs that will adapt to what you are looking for and for much less money than you imagine.

Formidable design awnings for your home

One of them is the Q-Rain, a flat awning that can be installed in any kind of patio, regardless of the weather conditions to which it is exposed. It has an integrated channel to evacuate the water, a modern design, with minimalist brushstrokes and is the most suitable to cover ample spaces.

The Giotto Origin Exclusive is a waterproof awning that has the ability to protect from ultraviolet rays thanks to its fabrics have the maximum level of sun protection, UPF80 +. It can be placed on terraces, patios or balconies.

Another of our proposed awnings design is the bioclimatic pergola Bio-10 Exclusive. With this product you will be able to create a living space in your patio or garden without having to do works. In addition, it can be enjoyed throughout the year thanks to its robustness. Ideal to celebrate any event.

If you are looking for a flat and very resistant awning system, what you need is the P100 Plus Comfort. It consists of a retractable canvas that stretches and shrinks thanks to a guide system. Like the Q-Rain, it is prepared to cover ample spaces.

We finish with another of our proposals regarding awnings of design, the Dinamic Per10 Exclusive, from our Senses Collection. This awning has a PVC tarpaulin, gutters for water evacuation, has LEDs to enjoy it even at night and is protected against rain and other weather conditions.

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