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8 March, 2018
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13 March, 2018
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When the nice weather comes, many people use the air conditioning to chills the different rooms at home, something that does not contribute much to energy savings. Having the help of a sun protection system, like the ones we offer in Toldos Guardamar, will be very useful because it offers many options to prevent the sun from entering the house and increasing the temperature of the inside. That’s one of the many ways to help save energy but… And in winter?

How to contribute to household energy savings

The insulation of the house is very important. Did you know that half of the household’s electricity consumption is mainly due to heating? It is important to install a good wall insulation if you are going to reform the house, although it can also be done by changing the windows by a double glazing or a cheaper version, sealing with foam the doors and windows.

Lighting is another of the most important aspects of any home. It is important to take advantage of daylight as much as possible, but when it is not possible, you have to change traditional bulbs for low consumption alternatives, such as LEDs, for example.

Older appliances can cause the cost of electricity to skyrocket. In this case, it is best to opt for appliances that have a good energy efficiency, at least class A or higher. In this way, it will contribute to the energy saving at home.

Do not hesistate to compare the different offers of energy providers that are currently available. It is the same as what happens with mobile phone rates, with them you can find interesting offers and help your energy savings.

Finally, do not forget that if you are not going to use an electrical device in the home for a while, it is best to disconnect it from the electricity grid. The stand by spends little electricity in a device, but if there are many, the cost can be increased by a few euros each month.

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