Advantages of motorized awnings

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Do you have a so much space on the terrace of your home with very high ceilings that you would like to cover with an awning? Don’t you do it because it’s too expensive to open and pick it up? Don’t worry, in Toldos Guardamar we have a solution for all this things!

Nowadays, in the world of solar protection systems, everything is designed to guarantee the maximum comfort of the users. Therefore, although there are still awnings with the traditional opening and closing system, it’s also possible to install motorized awnings in those cases where it’s more difficult.

From our experience as designers, manufacturers and installers of these protection systems in the area of ​​Guardamar and its surroundings, we have installed all types of awnings, both motorized and traditional, especially in cities such as: Calpe, San Fulgencio and Guardamar del Segura.

Therefore, in Toldos Guardamar we offer the possibility that some of the awnings of our catalog can be installed with a domotic element that besides being able to be closed and opened by a remote control, allowing the opening and closing scheduled.

But, this is not the only advantage that motorized awnings have, they can bring you many more benefits. Do you want to know them? We tell you all!

Advantages of motorized awnings


As we have mentioned before, motorized awnings are the ones that offer greater comfort to users to open and pick them up, because only a remote control is necessary to do so.

They are specially designed for homes where the roofs of the garden or the terrace are too high to use a traditional manual system, because reaching them is a complicated task.


From Toldos Guardamar we offer you the possibility of installing a domotic element that allows the closing and opening of these protection systems in a programmed way.

In this way, if you aren’t in your home, you can program it in the summer months at the hottest hours to protect it from heat accumulations.


The great advantage of motorized awnings is that they don’t need much more effort to keep them clean and keep it as new for longer than normal awnings.

The only extra effort you should make is to grease the engine from time to time so that it doesn’t snag.

Design and customization

You can choose aspects such as: color, inclination, canvas or measurements, among many other things. You will design the awning that best suits your tastes and the needs of your home.

Energy saving

Thanks to that, we can program its opening and its closing, we have the possibility of doing it in the hours in which more heat does in the summer months, avoiding the accumulations of heat. While in the winter months the heat loss of our home is considerably reduced.

All this supposes a great energetic saving, because we avoid to turn on the conditioned airs or the heating.

Thanks to motorized awnings, having high ceilings on the terrace of your home is no longer an excuse for not installing an awning! Have you already decided when you want to install it? The next step is contact with us. You can call us at 966 726 258. We will be happy to help you!

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