1 March, 2017
2 March, 2017
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In order to discharge of our daily waste in a responsable and respectful way for the environment, we recycle and reuse products. However, when the products aren’t recycable for whatever reason, what can we do as an alternative to not throw them away?

There is an alternative: ENERGY VALUATION.

This process consists in taking advantage of the materials using them as fuel to generate energy for centres that are similar to the thermal plants through controlled gas or incineration. Thanks to this process we can regain and recover the existing energy in these objects and we avoid throwing them away.

With the right technology, these systems prove to be respectful to the environment. This controlled gas process is carried out in the energy valuation plants, and in some conditions legally established. At present day our country has 10 energy valuation plants, one of which is in Andorra.

The best waste to use is:

  • Paper and cardboard: The first option must be to recycle, as you save 65% of energy and use 85% less water. However, when it is dirty or mixed with other components, and so it is not reusable, you can take advantage to use them in energy valuation.
  • Plastic: It is also recycable but has a great energy potential.
  • Organic waste: Altough they decompose easily when thrown away, they also have incredible assets to be valued.

Throwing away waste generates much more CO2 than the energy valuation. This is studied by G-Advisory, of the Garrigues group, in which they analize the social economic and environmental impacts of the energy valuation of waste in Spain and Andorra, coming to the conclusion that rubbish emits 11 million tonns of CO2 anually, 19 times more than the energy valuation plants. In this document it is said that each ton treated generates 53% more gross issues than the energy valuation and a 175%  neta emissions.

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