31 August, 2019

5 tips to take care of the ecosystem

To live well, for the world to live well and for the planet to have a long life expectancy we must take care of the ecosystem. […]
24 August, 2019

The 5 beaches most threatened by urbanization

There is an increasing tendency on the part of the builders to urbanize beaches, natural areas that see diminished not only their beauty but also their […]
20 August, 2019

Why are there less and less sharks in the oceans?

Unfortunately, humans are killing many different species of animals, hunting, catching certain animals for the value of their tusks such as elephants or rhinos or even […]
13 August, 2019
dia de los zurdos

7 Things you didn’t know about left-handed people

Although being left-handed means having to fight in a world where everything seems done for right-handed people, there are more left-handed people than we think. In […]

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