Bet on a basket awning for your business

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Within the large number of types of awning there are several that can be ideal for business, such as a the basket awning. It is one of the most used awnings thanks to its characteristics, especially the aesthetics and how customizable they are.

Characteristics of a basket awning

Its structure is made of aluminum, which makes it not only light but very resistant. In addition, they can be of different types depending on the needs or preferences of the establishment. They can be stationary, but also they could be at all times deployable or collapsible, being able to be opened and collected at will.

They may have two or three arches, but it is not unusual to find four or even five arcs. The profiling can be lacquered in the desired color, especially so that it fits well with the corporate colors or with the facade of the business.

If you choose to have a folding basket awning, it will come with a rope that when tied will hold the canvas and leave it extended when it is loose, although this is the most basic model, being able to find other similar options.

They can be opened and picked up manually, although you can incorporate an engine to open and pick up when you want. Instead of using a rope, all you have to do is press the button on a knob to open or close the awning, just like that.

Another aspect that this kind of awnings have is that they can be customized in terms of canvas. You can choose a specific color or even incorporate different motifs such as the logo or company name, a special message or anything else that allows branding this element, so simple but important at the same time.

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