25 September, 2019
Escapadas finde por la montaña de Alicante

No more plans after the holidays?

Summer is over and holidays are a thing of the past. Everyone goes back to their jobs, to their studies, to their obligations, and the tourist […]
13 August, 2019
dia de los zurdos

7 Things you didn’t know about left-handed people

Although being left-handed means having to fight in a world where everything seems done for right-handed people, there are more left-handed people than we think. In […]
4 August, 2019

Enjoy the beer day with Toldos Guardamar

Beer is one of the most consumed beverages in the world and like practically all things, it has its own day. August 2 is beer day, […]
12 July, 2019
toldos enrollables

Roller awnings for terraces

Rolling awnings are one of the most important trends today in terms of sun protection systems. One of its advantages is that they do not occupy […]

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