24 January, 2020

We explain what it means to be carbon neutral

When we talk about carbon neutrality, we are referring to the carbon dioxide emissions that are emitted into the atmosphere. In order to become carbon neutral, […]
24 January, 2020

How and why organize a sustainable event?

Fortunately, in recent years society has become increasingly aware of the need to care for the environment. This awareness is everyone’s responsibility and must be reflected […]
23 January, 2020

What are the main causes of melting ice at the poles?

During the last few years our planet is experiencing an accelerated increase in temperature, which affects both the adaptation of living beings and the very physical […]
14 December, 2019

Healthy Meals for Christmas

It is true that almost everyone is eager for Christmas to come, and for those who are not, it will come anyway and we will have […]

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