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Actually, there are many models of different awnings, such as those that can be found in Toldos Guardamar, adapting to the needs of each customer. Normally, many people let themselves be carried only by the design and that it fits the space where they want to place it, but … what fabric to choose for the awning?

The fabric of the awning is a very important aspect that must be taken into account because not all awnings are the same and each one has its special characteristics. That is why it is necessary to know these characteristics to find out exactly which product is the best for us.

In Toldos Guardamar we are experts in the design, manufacture and installation of awnings in cities such as: Altea, Orihuela or Benidorm. Therefore, we want to advise you.

Characteristics of fabrics for awnings

The micro perforated canvas is one of the most modern fabrics that can be found on the market today. This fabric is an excellent thermal insulation that allows perspiration, which means that it prevents the passage of heat but allows air to pass through it. These fabrics are composed of polyester thread and can be found in many different colors, meeting any requirement that the customer needs.

On the other hand are PVC canvas fabrics, ideal to protect against rain since they have a great impermeability. This kind of awnings are recommended in those places where there is usually a lot of humidity or a rainy area. In places where it is very hot are not advisable since that material can be degraded by the action of the sun and will end up losing its resistance.

We finish with acrylic canvas, the most common fabric for all kinds of awnings that we can find on the market today. They are fabrics composed of acrylic fiber with dye to give them the necessary color from the first moment. In addition, acrylic canvases usually have a hydrophobic and also anti-stain treatment, which makes them last much longer in the best conditions.

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