How to install a hinged awning

14 April, 2020
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15 April, 2020
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The first recommendation to carry out properly the installation of folding awnings is that two people should carry it out. It will be necessary, especially when lifting and placing the awning at the required height.

Basic steps for the installation of hinged awnings

1.Determine the position of the awning on the wall and mark it

The recommended height is 2.5 to 3 metres from the ground. If you want to place the awning at a lower height, you must ensure that you have enough clearance to extend the awning completely.

As for the inclination, which is usually not pre-set at the factory, we will adjust it when we place the arms.

We will measure with a meter from end to end to position the supports. To do this, the easiest way is to mount the whole thing on the floor in its supports, and then measure and draw the total line at the desired height.

Next, we mark on the wall the points where we will drill the holes for the brackets. 

2. Drill the holes

After checking the measurements again, we will drill the holes in the wall. The ideal is to use a 10 mm drill, and drill them to a depth of approximately 85mm.

3. Fixing the brackets

We will place the supports and insert the screws. Before mounting the awning, we will make sure that these brackets are well attached to the wall, as the weight of the awning could pull them out if this is not the case.

4. Mounting the awning on the brackets

Between two people we will climb the awning to place it on the supports, helping us by means of a ladder.

5. Placing the arms

Making sure first which is the right and which is the left, we will place them to the structure holding them with the studs intended for it.

6. Final levelling of the different elements

Finally, we will level the inclination of the front bar as desired, as well as check the correct deployment and opening of the awning.

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