Do you know vertical awnings?

12 August, 2022
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31 August, 2022
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Find out why it can be an effective solution for your terrace.

When we talk about awnings, surely a type of horizontal structure that protects us from the sun comes to mind, however, there are currently awnings that are installed in a vertical position and that turn out to be an effective solution to protect outdoor spaces, such as, for example: balconies and terraces. They are also a very efficient system to achieve the total closure of our pergola or palillería systems.

What is a vertical awning?

Vertical awnings are structures made of acrylic or PVC canvas that are used to protect the areas of a building against the ravages of the sun, wind and rain.

In general, vertical awnings represent a very effective option to reduce the impact of external elements, minimizing the intensity of sunlight, reducing the force with which wind gusts hit, and at the same time, helping us to divide some spaces.

What are the advantages of using a vertical awning?

The main advantage of a vertical awning is that it can be easily installed on terraces, balconies, windows or in any space in our home. Likewise, these structures can be made with different types of fabrics, whether waterproof or breathable.

On the other hand, vertical awnings can be adapted to any space, since they are made to measure, and their installation is simple, resulting in an economical solution. Finally, we can highlight its versatility, resistance and durability.

How many types of vertical awnings are there?

Vertical awnings can be classified into two classes: blinds and curtains (with or without windbreaks). The first are those that are attached to the ceiling and the

railing or balconies with metal supports, and the second are structures that are fixed at the top and unfold vertically downwards, this second system may or may not include windbreak guides, the which serve, as their name indicates, to achieve a better closure of the system and with it better insulation from inclement weather.

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