Now they are undoubtedly the most valued. Toldos Guardamar praises its work on International Nursing Day.

11 May, 2020
It is in these moments when you most value having the family close. A day to express what most unites us.
15 May, 2020
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In these difficult times, it is necessary to celebrate, more than ever, this May 12, the International Day of Nursing.

For being on the front lines of battle, for your bravery and for those who demonstrate their true vocation for the benefit of all … Our most sincere applause!

The importance of health.

There are more than 20 million nurses worldwide and each one has a story. They understand hope and courage, joy and despair, pain and suffering, as well as life and death. Being an ever-present force for good, nurses hear the first cry of newborn babies and witness the last breath of the dying.


In January 1974, the decision was made to celebrate May 12 as this is the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale, considered the creator of modern nursing. Nightingale became world famous for his pioneering nursing work in assisting the wounded during the Crimean War (1853-1856). From that moment on, she was known as “the lady with the lamp”, for her habit of making night rounds with a lamp to attend to her patients. Queen Victoria of England awarded him the Royal Red Cross for his humanitarian activity, which inspired Henri Dunnat to found the Red Cross that everyone knows today.

Every year since 1988 this International Nursing Day has its own theme, and for 2020 it is “A voice to lead – Leading the world towards health”. Although with the current pandemic the issue is the least of it. Now they are being one of the fundamental professions on the planet.

Toldos Guardamar wishes to thank all the nurses, who have put their profession ahead of the current pandemic, along with thousands of health workers, because it is necessary to have a true vocation to continue, despite the danger, in the front line of fire, without diminishing in them the desire to help others.


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