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In these times of urban overcrowding, having a terrace on which to enjoy the sun and rest is a luxury that not everyone can afford. But, what’s the point of having a terrace if you can’t make it an extension of your house, with all the necessary elements to stop it being a boring and anodyne space, similar to any other terrace? Differentiating yourself from the rest at a decorative level can be simple with a little attention to detail and with the inclusion of unique elements, such as designer awnings, do you feel like trying?

Design awnings for a dream terrace

Although many people hear the word “awning” and automatically think of a striped fabric descending from a wall, it has been decades since that sense has expanded to include all kinds of solutions for shading and separating spaces, as well as a variety of decorative solutions:

  • Awnings: If you like the traditional, there are beautifully designed awnings, which play with the colors to turn your terrace into a fun and sensational place. From the more traditional, which are rolled up over the door, to the new “hanging” designs in the shape of a candle, you will surely find a tailor-made solution for you.
  • Pergolas and arbors: Whether they are free-standing or designed to be attached to a wall, pergolas and arbors are perfect for large spaces and allow you to create different environments. They are available in all types of materials and for all pockets, from folding tents for occasional occasions to work, wood or metal arbors. They also offer the possibility of camouflaging them using vines and hedges for a more natural and wild look.
  • Vertical walls and awnings: designed to separate and shade at the same time, they are increasingly fashionable, as they allow any space to be divided with ease and style.

Whatever idea you have about what your terrace should look like, a good awning can help make it unique.

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