Go out and enjoy the sun, but always protected from UVA rays

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24 November, 2017
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UVA rays

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The sun is a natural source essential for life and for the human body. Not only does it benefit us in our physical health, it’s also essential to improve our spirit.

Being exposed to the UVA rays of the sun can be very advantageous, but if we don’t take adequate precautions against this, this situation can be reversed and put us in risk.

From Toldos Guardamar we want everyone to know the benefits, and also the risks, that this source of vitamins can have for our health. Because just knowing everything is how we are going to be able to avoid dangerous situations and get our UVA exposition to bring us only benefits and well-being, avoiding any type of risk.

Benefits of UVA rays for our health

The main benefit of the sun in our body is that it’s the largest source of vitamin D that exists. This vitamin is what allows our body to absorb the calcium necessary for our bones to be healthy.

In addition, the incidence of UVA rays on our body has numerous benefits on our cardiovascular, nervous and respiratory systems:

-It lowers blood cholesterol.

-Back blood pressure.

-Stimulates the nerve endings.

-Improves breathing.

-Favors our muscular response.

-Reduces the probability of suffering respiratory infections.

-Improves the capacity for cardiovascular work.


Risks of UVA rays in our health

As we have said before, everything we do in excess, and without taking the proper precautions, can seriously put our health at risk. Even a natural source like the sun!

For this reason, a prolonged exposure without the adequate protections to the UVA rays can suppose the following risks:

-Burnings up to the second degree.

-Risk of skin cancer and other skin diseases.

– Aging of our skin.

– Numerous eyesight disorders.

And these are only the main risks that we expose ourselves to!


For all this, adequately protect from UVA will allow us to absorb all the benefits of the sun, avoiding unnecessary risks to which we submit if we do not do it.

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