It is in these moments when you most value having the family close. A day to express what most unites us.

Now they are undoubtedly the most valued. Toldos Guardamar praises its work on International Nursing Day.
12 May, 2020
For Toldos Guardamar this is a day that is already part of our philosophy. It is our Green year.
17 May, 2020
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This May 15 is celebrated the International Day of Families as a way to raise awareness of the importance of families in the education of our children, as well as access to subsequent learning opportunities.

Today we know that the concept of family has varied a lot over the years, but what never changes is that it continues to constitute the basic unit of society. It is the first contact with which each individual understands the world around him and creates the concept of society.

As parents we are the first educators of our children. Also a memory to those grandparents always ready to help, and who have suffered the most from isolation. From them we learned to fight and not give up, and just as they did with us, we must teach our children the meaning of respect, solidarity, effort … Those early years are essential to develop a balanced personality.

Strange Days.

We are living something extraordinary, something that neither of us had ever known, and that has made us stay home for a long time. There are many cases in which, for one reason or another, it has left us apart from our families. We could not visit those parents and grandparents who have given us everything, or those brothers, sisters, grandchildren. The direct contact, which we took so much for granted, was the most missed. Those kisses and hugs have been had to replace with video calls and more contact with technological means. We know it is not the same, but at least we can do it daily. And of course we feel the loss of many families who have lost a loved one.

Toldos Guardamar wants to pay its particular tribute to those families who now discover what we previously assumed without hardly thinking about it. For this reason, it will now be fantastic to celebrate these reunions after two long months. We believe that, if something has changed all this, it is knowing how to better value what really matters; family love.


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