European Day of solidarity between generations

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29 April, 2017
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2 May, 2017
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European Day of solidarity between generations

Despite the many challenges related to the aging of the population, the European Day of Solidarity and Cooperation between Generations is celebrated every 29 April, which is a symbolic initiative to highlight the different opportunities that also arise from the demographic evolution of it European Union.

This initiative aims to encourage society to rethink the concept of intergenerational solidarity, and not only focus on the challenges that the aging of the population entails, such as greater spending on pensions and specific care for the elderly, but rather on exalting The opportunities it offers to promote mutual cooperation and generational interaction between young and old to share skills, values ​​and experiences.

These initiatives aim to generate a new vision and culture that recognizes and celebrates the different ways in which older people can contribute to society and how social interaction between groups of different ages can bring great benefits for all.

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