Games to share with family during winter

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15 January, 2019
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With the arrival of the cold season, you do not always want to leave the house. Staying at home is not synonymous with getting bored because you can do many activities with the family, such as playing and having a good time. From Toldos Guardamar we want to propose some alternatives for those days when you do not feel like leaving either.

Games to share with family

A very funny game we can call it “The endless sentence”. The family should sit at the table or in the living room, but in a circle. A member begins to tell a story, but he should only say one word. The person next to you will continue the phrase with the first word and another that you put and so on until you make a story with an endless sentence. It is very fun and an excellent exercise for memory.

Another very entertaining proposal is to try to get the family to guess words through mimicry. Imagination to the power! The laughter is assured with this game in which a person has to explain through mimicry the name of a famous character, an animal, the title of a movie, etc.

If you want to take a good laugh, you can go to the living room and put a television channel where they are running a movie. The volume is lowered and the characters are assigned to each member of the family and the dialogues are invented. At first, it costs a bit but then it is very fun, especially because you can create hilarious stories.

Hiding some object at home and leaving clues for the little ones to find it is something they will love. A treasure hunt in which they have to go exploring and getting clues is something in which the whole family can participate and have a good time among all. It can end with a good snack to make the day of games perfect.

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