Tips to get in shape after the Christmas holidays

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1 January, 2019
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At Christmas we all tend to commit some excesses with sweets, food and drink, which means that we can gain weight during this season. You already know that in Toldos Guardamar we like to help you and this time we want to share with you some tips to get fit after the Christmas holidays.

Get fit after the Christmas excess

Since a new year begins … why not start it differently? If you’ve never exercised, it’s never too late to start. If you have done it before, retaking that healthy habit will have a very positive effect on your life. Depending on your physical condition you can do more or less exercise. You can walk, run, walk the dog for hours, etc. Forget sedentary lifestyles!

The goals you must set them as it goes, going forward little by little. You can propose to lose weight, make maintenance, muscle building, definition, etc. Never do more exercise than you can handle. If you need help, a trainer in the gym can be a great ally or that friend who likes to play sports. It is everything to set out to do it.

If you have Christmas candy left over, it is better to give them away and do not fall into temptation. You already know that you start with “to eat a sweet nothing happens” … The best thing is not to have the temptation nearby, so we will not fall into it.

Another factor to keep in mind is to eat healthy and balanced. Nobody says that you have to make the meals with the exact measurements as an elite athlete, but there are plenty of vegetables, fish and fruit in your diet, less meat and much less fried and industrial products.

To finish, you must not forget that the changes you must do them for yourself and not for anyone else. It is logical that your family, partner and best friends will support you, but you are the one who has to make the effort. Motivate yourself and go out to exercise.

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