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When we buy Christmas gifts, we always think of our loved ones and, in many occasions, we forget our pets that give us joy and love constantly in our home.

It’s time to remember them this Christmas and give them back, in some way, that love they give us. Because they also love gifts just like you!

Surely, every time you buy a toy, accessory or prize to your pet, it makes it a huge illusion and gets very happy. Why not make it happy at Christmas too?

If you give a gift to each of your loved ones, do it to your pet too. Because it’s part of your family and deserves to be rewarded for a great year by giving its unconditional love without asking anything in return.

Haven’t you think ideas of what you can give it? Don’t worry! We have many gift ideas for pets and, of course, we are going to tell them.

Gifts for pets

Each animal species has specific needs. Therefore, for the pet gift ideas, we will make a division between the most common species of domestic animals:


These animals are known to be the best friends of humans. In addition, they are animals with a lot of energy, because they spend all day walking when we go for a walk with them, protecting us when we need it or simply playing.

Therefore, our gift ideas for them are related to all this: play, walk and rest.

The first idea is related to rest: a good cushion, on which to lie down,  ensuring their comfort and good rest, to recover their energy for the next day.

The second gift could be a new necklace that you think will be comfortable during their walks.

The latest proposal is: a Kong toy. It’s a fun, practical and stimulating element for our pet.


We all know that these animals are characterized by being more independent of humans than dogs. Also, it’s well known that they love to scratch rough fabrics and sleep for a long time.

Therefore, the star gift this Christmas for they could be: A bed that in turn serves as a scraper!

For us, this detail would be in the top 3 of pet gifts.


Do you have a domestic bird in your home and since it is there has not changed its cage? It’s the perfect time to do it!

Give it a new home with new accessories so it can change its mood and raise up its spirit!


Rodents love to run everywhere, spend their energies in this way and, after this, sleep between cottons to recover all this strength for the next day.

Therefore, our advice is to prepare a special pack for them, consisting of: a Wheel, so they can run in it while having fun, some soft material like cotton, to sleep in it, and a snack, that they have not yet tasted, that it will recover energy.


This animal is not very common in many homes, but they also deserve all our love.

Therefore, our gift proposal for these pets is the same as the one we gave for the birds. Let’s make them a new terrarium so they can change their moods and raise their spirits!


From Toldos Guardamar we want our customers to spend a great Christmas. For that reason, we know that the illusion of their pets will make them tremendously happy. We hope you and your pets have a happy Christmas!

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