Give a pet for Christmas. A great decision to meditate

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All Christmas, we want to surprise our loved ones with a gift that we know that they will do a lot of illusion. Therefore, we are very attentive to what they have been saying throughout the year that they would love to be given away.

In many cases, children have a tremendous illusion because we give them a pet for Christmas and, in order to make them happy, we don’t meditate this decision and we decided to buy it or adopt it to give it to them.

But, the truth is, having a new pet means a big change in our family to which many people are not able to adapt with the passage of time and, finally, they decide to abandon it.

The data regarding the abandonment of pets in Spain in 2017 were alarming: more than 137,000 abandoned dogs and cats were collected.

Therefore, from Toldos Guardamar, we recommend that you consider these factors when giving a pet for Christmas.

What should we think about before deciding to give a pet for Christmas?

In the first place, the decision to incorporate a new pet into our family must be a fact agreed by all the members of this family, that is, all the members of our family must agree to want to have an animal at home.

In this same way, we must all take charge of the responsibilities that each person with that animal will have.

If, in addition, the gift of a pet for Christmas is aimed to a child, we must know that this gift, at that time, can make they very excited, but their interest in it may decrease as time passes.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be advisable to give a pet when we are talking about making a surprise, because the euphoria and the illusion can disappear.

We must be aware that a pet is not a new toy and, of course, requires specific care and attention that many people are not willing to take on.

A pet doesn’t come with a return ticket, so if you finally decide to adopt or buy one, the most responsible is to accept all the consequences and not abandon it. And, above all, to give it all your love, care and protection.

Don’t join the abandonment and ponder the decision to give a pet for Christmas!

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