How to take advantage of your small balcony? With a window awning!

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Having an awning is a great advantage to make the most of the space available on a balcony, even if it is small. Having a sun protection system, you can use the balcony to put a chair and enjoy reading a book, seeing the neighborhood, taking care of the plants or anything you want. Window awnings are becoming more common as they offer many advantages.

Some advantages of window awnings

One of the main advantages of the awnings is that they have the ability to create a shaded space that can be used at any time, regardless of the weather.
In addition, an awning not only provides shade but excellent protection against UV rays, which can cause burns, different skin conditions and even damage furniture, where they end up discoloring.

They help to save energy since with an awning it is not necessary on many occasions to start the air conditioning systems for a long time, which saves money and makes use of the environment to reduce the emissions of CO².

Not everyone who has a balcony uses it as much as they could. For many people, the incidence of the sun for many hours a day, makes the balcony not the best place in the house to be. With the installation of an awning, you can make the most of this space.

Another aspect of great importance is that the awning also provides more privacy to people who decide to install one on the balcony thanks to the isolation that is generated with a good awning like the one you can see in the photograph illustrating this article.

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