The best solution for your terrace; the flat awning, our best product.

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In Toldos Guardamar we are reaching the impressive number of 15,000 palillerías mounted since our foundation. Without a doubt, our star product and the best solution for those open spaces on your terrace or garden.

What are palillería awnings?

They are a model of flat, extensible awning, supported by guides, very versatile and highly resistant to the wind. They are collected by means of a rope circuit or it can be motorized, folding each accordion-style section, easily moving the canvas through these guides.

Types of flat awnings:

Depending on each space, needs or aesthetics, flat awnings can be:

-Flat awnings between walls: As its name suggests, it is an awning that rests between walls without the need for legs. It is ideal for interior patios and adapts to any size. It is a simple awning to place and the cheapest variant of the so-called palillerías or pergolas.

-Goal awning: It rests on a wall or wall and in front it has legs to the ground. It is the most classic, forming the so-called porches. Ideal to adapt in your terrace or interior patio space.

-Pergola awning: It is mounted on four legs and is ideal for large spaces; such as swimming pools, gardens and terraces … It allows you to have shade in any open space without the need to do work.

There are also different classifications of flat awnings depending on the dimensions of the bars that make up their structure, being able to be lighter and therefore more economical or more robust and elegant.

All can have windbreaks, vertical awnings without window, vertical awnings with window, curtains… making this system the one that offers more solutions for your spaces.

Due to the enormous versatility and aesthetics, it is not surprising that it is our most demanded product. At Toldos Guardamar we have extensive experience and we are willing to advise you with any questions you may have. Remember that, throughout this year 2021, we have significant discounts on all our products without reducing their excellent quality one iota.

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