Take advantage of our offer Fast Repair and repair the skirt of your awning!

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3 April, 2018
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5 April, 2018
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Have you recently installed a solar protection system in your home and because the skirt of your awning is damaged it looks bad? Do not worry! In Toldos Guardamar we have the solution for this and we are going to tell you in this article.

Why does the skirt deteriorates more than the rest of the awning?

The truth is that, when we pick up our awning because we will not use it in a time or we do not want it to be deployed at a certain time of the day, the skirt of our awning is practically the only part of our solar protection system that is exposed.

For this reason, it is the area of ​​the awning that is exposed to all inclement weather, such as rain, strong winds … etc.

That is why, although we take maximum care of our awning to keep it as new for as long as possible, its skirt will deteriorate much faster than the rest of the protection system.

What can we do for you at Toldos Guardamar?

Precisely because we are experts in the design, manufacture and installation of all types of solar protection systems, we know the importance that have that our awning looks good on our facade.

In Toldos Guardamar we like to take care of our clients, and we are constantly thinking of the way to satisfy all their needs, in terms of solar protection systems for their home.

For this reason, we have a very special offer for all of you, taking advantage of the fact that the good weather has already arrived on the Costa Blanca and we will need our awning in perfect conditions.

What is the Fast Repair offer?

We offer you immediate and free repair of the skirt of your solar protection system. You just have to bring it  to our facilities and your awning will look like new in a moment. As simple as that!

We repair for free and immediately the skirt of your awning while you are waiting, drinking a coffee, a cup of tea or a glass of cava, while you are enjoying the services we have designed for you.

Would you like more information about the Fast Repair offer? Do not hesitate to contact us calling  at 966 726 258 or sending an email to: info@toldosguardamar.com!

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