Do you need a permit to install awnings in your house?

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4 March, 2020
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Many people are unaware of the fact that you need to apply for and obtain a permit to put an awning on a home or business.

The thing is not as simple as simply buying and installing it. Let’s see, then, what are these steps we must follow regarding the necessary permit.

What should we do to place an awning?

Because the installation of an awning is going to alter the certain aesthetic of a building, as much by the color or the form, we will have to refer to the statutes of the community and to stick of way forced to which in them it is prescribed.

It is necessary to obtain the permission of the majority of the 3/5 parts of the owners. This is because it is considered an alteration of the aesthetics of the horizontal property. 

It is a matter that must be submitted to the meeting and included in the agenda. However, it is not feasible to do so during the question and answer session.

Both the model and the colour must be approved by the residents’ association, but an installation permit must also be obtained. In the latter case, only a simple majority is required for approval.

What is sought, obviously, is uniformity in the building’s façade, preserving its aesthetics, and avoiding the installation of awnings, without taking into account the model and colour, thus altering said aesthetics and uniformity.

The president of the community of neighbors should also be informed of our willingness to install an awning. The president will include the matter within the order of the meeting.

If the board denies the request, whoever requests it can go to court, in order to try to get approval from that party. Otherwise, the awning may not be placed under any circumstances.

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