What to do with my pet on vacation? Do not abandon it!

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6 March, 2018
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Everyone loves to be on vacation and completely disconnect from their daily life. Sometimes, because of time, economic issues or simply for convenience, you prefer to be at home, enjoying the good weather, under any of the Toldos Guardamar awnings, at a meal with friends, watching a sporting event or taking a dip in the pool, for example.

Vacations and pets

For many people, the problem comes when you decide to go on a trip and do not count on taking the pet, such as a dog. The pet on vacation should not be a problem, it is someone else in the family and can also be an excellent holiday companion, although the destination may require many vaccines, moving a lot of paperwork or simply not accepting pets in the accommodation of your choice.

There are many options that can be considered taking a pet when you have vacations approaching. One of them, is to look for a pet-friendly hotel, something that, although it is not too common in Spain, is very frequent, especially in European countries.

The hotel will continue to offer the same quality as the one previously chosen but with the added attraction that they will also have space for your dog. This way you will not have to leave the dog anywhere.

Another alternative is to leave it with a family member or trusted friends that you know will take care of it and cover all the needs that your furry friend may have at any time. This way you can travel with the peace of mind that the pet will be well cared for.

f you do not have family around and you do not want to leave with any friend, there is another option and you can leave it in a hotel for pets. It is a more expensive option than the others, but the dog will be cared for at all times, with its daily meals, with quality products, games, daily walks, socialization with other animals, rest areas, haircuts, baths, etc.
Never abadon them!

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