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16 June, 2017
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26 June, 2017
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If you have been stang or you have taught a jellyfish, it is advisable to follow the following tips:

  1. We must clean the area affected by the sting.
  2. Do not rub the affected area with sand or with a towel or anything that can hurt more.
  3. Always use salt water. Do not clean the affected area with fresh water.
  4. For 15 minutes, apply cold on the affected area using a plastic bag containing ice. Never apply ice directly unless it is sea water.
  5. If there are some remains of tentacle attached to the skin, do not to make sudden movements to get rid of them, they must be removed, but never touch the affected area with your hands, clips will be used instead.
  6. If the pain is very severe or the status of the person progressively worsens, you should immediately go to a medical center.

If there is a large number of jellyfish in bathing areas:

  1. Take precautions even if there are jellyfish in areas far from bathing areas, the action of the waves breaks the tentacles and floating pieces of jellyfish are active.
  2. Do not walk on the beach in the area where waves break, there might be fragments of medusa.
  3. In days when jellyfish appear, avoid the games on the seashore.
  4. Remove them out of the water very carefully and without touching them with your fingers. With care, pick those that have fallen on the seashore.
  5. Notify other bathers not touching them even if they seem to be dead or are split.
  6. When jellyfish appear in beaches the best precaution is to stay out of the water.

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