Products to complement your flat awning (pergola).

The best solution for your terrace; the flat awning, our best product.
5 May, 2021
Because they deserve all our tribute.
12 May, 2021
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From Toldos Guardamar we advise you some accessories that can accompany your palillería / flat awning. This type of flat awning is the best-selling and most versatile in our extensive catalog, being leaders in this awning model for about 40 years, manufacturing it with the best materials on the market, and reaching the figure of 15,000 sold system.


Whether your palillería or pergola has a structure of 80 x 40, 80 x 80, or 100 x 100, 125 x 125, they have a wide variety of accessories according to your needs.

For example:

-Vertical awning:

They are a type of vertical roll-up awning, which can be manual or motorized, and which serves to close outdoor spaces. They are very practical for any time of the year as it provides privacy as well as protection from the sun or bad weather. The curtains can be completely closed promoting privacy, or with windows to be protected but at the same time to continue enjoying the views that your home has, either of the nature that surrounds your house or your own garden or pool.


They are a great complement to the curtains. They are aluminum guides, where the curtains are attached, giving a perfect closure for our terrace or garden.

-Roofs protector:

It is the ideal complement to protect our awning from inclement weather, providing it with greater durability. Made up of high-strength oven-lacquered aluminum slats, which gives it the same durability as your awning. One of its advantages is that it can be installed afterwards.


It is a complement, like the curtains, of vertical closure. It is the simplest system with which our flat awning are complemented and although it is preferable to use curtains since they provide greater aesthetics and functionality, they can be an alternative solution to provide privacy in a simpler way.

At Toldos Guardamar we give you the best solution to your needs, both in functionality and aesthetics. We can also label or print the canvases of your backdrops with personalized designs which will give your outdoor spaces a more personalized character.

And don’t forget that, throughout 2021, Grupo Salvat will invest up to € 250,000 in discounts so that you have your sun protection system at the best price.

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