Protect your kids from UV rays during Easter

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UV rays are one of the threats with which we must be careful to maintain the health of our skin, especially in case of the smallest of the house.

In Toldos Guardamar we have a wide catalog of awnings to protect many areas of the home, from attics, terraces, balconies or gardens; in this way, the whole family will be protected from the sun, although other aspects must be taken into account to care for the children.

Tips to take care of children from the UV rays

In addition to having sun protection systems at home, it never hurts to consider such important aspects as protecting children with a T-shirt, preferably in light colors to reflect the light. Additionally, you have to apply sunscreen according to their skin.

In this case, they are usually used hypoallergenic protectors free of PABA and a factor of solar protection +50, for example. It is necessary to remember that the protector has to be applied several times a day, especially after the bath.

It is also important not to leave children in the sun for a long time and protect their heads, either with a hat or a visor, and, if it is possible, also with child’s sunglasses. In the case of glasses it is recommended to buy them in an optician to provide maximum safety for the children’s eyes.

Feet should also be protected with good shoes. In the market we can find models that protect the upper part of the feet as well as the plant, avoiding the heat of the sand or any other kind of surface which the sun can affect.

Finally, we must not forget to avoid exposing children to the least recommended hours of the day when there is a lot of sun. The worst hours are between 10/11 in the morning until 3:00 p.m.

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