Q rain and Pergo Rain: New products in Toldos Guardamar

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Toldos Guardamar is a company specializing in everything related to awnings. Thanks to the experience and our extensive catalog, all customers can find the awning that best suits their needs, from the most classic to the most modern, made with the latest technlogies, even the latest market developments such as Q-Rain and Pergo Rain.

Characteristics of the products Q-Rain and Pergo Rain

Q-Rain is a flat awning format that is accompanied by a high-strength aluminum structure that offers several options, either self-supporting or wall mounted. It is equipped with retractable canvas that folds and extends by means of guides and can be motorized or manual, which can cover a big number of different needs.

This kind of awning has a design of great elegance, which makes it ideal to be placed in virtually any space, whether it is a terrace, garden, etc., making it clear that it is an awning with great versatility.

On the other hand, we find the Pergo Rain format, an awning specifically designed for protection against rain and many other climatic conditions, which makes it possible to be placed anywhere, regardless of the climate in the area.

The canvas of this awning model is made of a material with excellent properties, such as PVC, and the system itself has specific channels to evacuate the water when it rains. On the other hand, this model also stands out for having LED lighting, which can be used even when night falls.

So are these two products, two of the latest developments of Toldos Guardamar, that promise to revolutionize the sector thanks to its design, functionality, robustness and versatility. Do you still not know them?

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