5 reasons why give yourself an awning for Christmas

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Have you ever made a gift to yourself at Christmas? It’s time to start to do it!

Do you think you don’t need to take care of yourself, not even once a year? That’s not correct! Only if you feel good about yourself, yo Will be able to make others feel everything you can do for them, with much more strength.

Surely, every time you have guests in your home, you like to feel them comfortable and protected, as if they were in their own home. Well, this is very simple to accomplish if you know how to do it.

In addition to behaving like a great host, there are external elements that will make our guests feel much more comfortable in our home, such as: comfortable furniture, relaxing colors, stylish decoration … And yes, an awning also helps, so much, in this task.

In Toldos Guardamar we are experts in the design, manufacture and installation of awnings in the province of Alicante, especially in localities such as: BenidormJavea and Villajoyosa. Therefore, we know perfectly what a good awning makes our clients feel and it is: protection and comfort.

Would you like to know all the benefits that the installation of an awning can provide in your home? Keep reading!

Advantages of installing an awning in your home


What’s better than feeling protected from the weather while you enjoy the outdoor areas of your home? This can be possible with a solar protection system, because thanks to the quality and high resistance of its canvas, an awning will not only protect us from the sun in summer, it can do it also from the wind and the rains in winter.


There are different types of awnings that allow us to be installed with a motor to open and fold them with just one button.

This allows us to enjoy the sensation of tranquility that we get from being outdoors and, also, from the wonderful views of the outside of our home, because if we are bothered by the sun or the rain water we will only have to worry about pressing a button to continue enjoying it.


All the types of awning that we manufacture in Toldos Guardamar have our three-year Gold guarantee.

Therefore, if you know how to take care of it, an awning will accompany you in your home for many years as if it were new.

Thermal isolation

An awning not only protects us from the sun and the inclemency of the weather, it also acts as a great regulator of heat and cold.

This is thanks to the fact that in the summer months it doesn’t allow to enter  the sun in the interior of our house, while in the colder times it doesn’t let the heat of our home escape.

Design and elegance

The majority of the awnings in our catalog are fully customizable, being able to choose their: color, shape, size, among many other aspects.

Thanks to this, you can design an awning to your home that covers all your specific needs.


Don’t you think Christmas is a great time to start to take care of yourself? If you already have it clear, don’t hesitate to contact us. Will very happy to advise you!

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