3 reasons why install a tunnel awning in your garden

Do you want to create a separate living room in the garden of your home where you can celebrate events with friends and family in the outdoor areas of your home? Have you not dared to do it yet because you think it’s necessary to do works for it? In this post we tell you our secret!

Many times, people who want to make an enclosure in a part of the garden of their home to celebrate dinners, meals or events with people in their home, they don’t consult the options they have when they want enable this new space in the outside areas of their home.

Therefore, they don’t know that there are so much alternatives to the works. And the tunnel awning could be the perfect one!

In Toldos Guardamar we are experts in the manufacture and installation of all types of awnings in the areas of the Vega Baja, especially in locations such as Guardamar del Segura, Calpe and San Fulgencio. Therefore, we know perfectly that there are specific awnings to make an enclosure without the need to do a work.

This is the case of the tunnel awning, because it is not only a type of solar protection system, it is also a type of awning completely resistant to inclement weather like rain and wind. So it will allow us to enjoy the garden of our home during all seasons of the year.

Advantages of a tunnel awning

Easy installation

As we have said before, the tunnel awning allows us to make an enclosure in a part of our garden without having to do works.

It’s a solar protection system easy to install, because it is very versatile and it adapts to almost any surface that we want to close.


The material of which their canvases are made is highly resistant to rain and wind, so we can enjoy our garden during all seasons of the year without having to worry about the weather. We will be totally protected!

New space

The tunnel awning allows us to place curtains on each of its sides, so we can create one more room of our house, with the particularity that it will be on the outside of it. For example, we could create a living room, an area in which to make meals or dinners with our closest people … etc.


Are you already clear that you would like to install a tunnel awning in your garden? Don’t hesitate to contact us. we Will advise you depending on your needs and personal tastes!

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