Recycling: A great goal for 2018

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23 January, 2018
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30 January, 2018
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A new year begins and, with it, many people consider to fulfill a series of goals that sometimes end in failure, generally because they are purposes conditioned by willpower and perseverance.

Toldos Guardamar want to suggest you as a 2018 resolution something easy, that you will achieve with little effort, with which you will do a great good and, that surely, encourages you to fulfill other purposes that you have set your sights on. It’s about recycling. Do you dare?

Ideas for recycling to be part of your life

  • Trash bins for recycling: Separate the garbage, buy a bucket for glass, another for plastics and packaging and another for organic material. It is the most basic and simplest step. Encourage your family to participate. At first, it may cost you a little but, in a few days, you will have acquired a recycling routine without hardly noticing.
  • Encourage people to recycle: You can start with your work space. If you work in an office, it will be easy to establish a place where people can throw away the paper and cardboard that is discarded, and then take it to its corresponding container.
  • Be creative: Many objects that are thrown away can be used to make crafts. Maybe a glass jar can be turned into a nice vase. The possibilities are endless; check the internet and you will surely find many ideas to recycle things that you no longer use.
  • Remember that you are doing a great favor to nature: When we recycle we are saving much more than we think: we not only save raw material, but also water and energy and we also reduce pollution.

Recycling is a task that does not take much time and contributes to improve the future of our planet. From here, we strongly encourage you to recycle, to set it as your great resolution for 2018. You will surely achieve it!

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