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International Day against bullying
When is celebrated?
The International Day Against Bullying, also known as Bullying Day, is commemorated on May 2. It is an awareness campaign about a problem affecting millions of schoolchildren around the world.
Parent Associations and many NGOs around the world agreed to hold this day to raise public awareness about the risks that Bullying can cause or harassment among school children as well as disseminate various methods to prevent this situation from occurring.
Bullying is defined as the injustice or abuse of power suffered by schoolchildren in classrooms. Children or young people who are harassed by other students or who witness repeated violent situations have lower academic performance in the short and long term.
This situation can be accentuated over time and cause a depressed person in the person who can not attend class and leave school.
The main objective of this day is to eradicate violence and bullying among students. It is very important and necessary to eradicate the harassment that occurs in the schools and to obtain safe schools in which the students can grow in a climate of respect.
How is it commemorated?
In the schools various initiatives are carried out as symbolic advocacy actions to improve the students’ environment and achieve a safe learning.
There are also workshops in which it is intended to teach young people the importance of preventing bullying at school as well as bringing this situation to the attention of the family and the relevant authorities.

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