awnings for windows

21 June, 2018

Windows awnings to help you to fight the heat this summer

When summer arrives, having windows awnings at home is an advantage, because it is an ideal solution to protect the house from the sun, avoiding to […]
13 May, 2018

What kind of awnings can I install in the windows of my home?

Nowadays, we can find in the market a whole universe of different awnings, but we must bear in mind that not all are valid for the […]
20 March, 2018

3 ideas of awnings for windows design

Although many people think that all the awnings for windows are pretty much similar, this not like that. In Toldos Guardamar we offer the most special […]
20 February, 2018

Top trends in awnings for windows

We are at an excellent time to look for awnings for windows and have the best sun protection for the summer season. Therefore, in this article […]

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