Guardamar Awnings

9 October, 2018

Can I install any type of awning in my home?

Virtually any household may have an awning installed, but … can any awning be installed at home? It may seem simple but the truth is that […]
15 June, 2018

Score a great goal and take advantage of our super discounts for 15 days!

The Russia World Cup 2018 has already begun. Can you think of a better plan than enjoying all the matches with your friends and family on […]
5 June, 2018

Advantages of installing custom-made solar protection systems

Nowadays, we can find a big number of solar protection systems, but not all can adapt to the measurements of the space where they are to […]
26 December, 2017

How to take advantage of your terrace all year round? With a good solar protection system!

Would you like to be able to take advantage of your terrace during all seasons of the year, but in the months of greatest cold and […]

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