10 July, 2018

Recycle on the beach: every waste to its container

The beach is one of the places were we usually go with the arrival of good weather for enjoy a good dip, the company of family, […]
15 May, 2018

7 tips to reduce, reuse and recycle

Respect for the environment is not a trend, but something that everyone should be aware of and it is something that anyone can do at home, […]
10 April, 2018

At Toldos Guardamar we take care of the recycling of awnings!

With the arrival of a new season, Toldos Guardamar presents the latest developments in terms of awnings, both for homes and businesses, gardens, etc., and also […]
25 January, 2018

Recycling: A great goal for 2018

A new year begins and, with it, many people consider to fulfill a series of goals that sometimes end in failure, generally because they are purposes […]

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