toldos guardamar

17 June, 2019

Toldos Guardamar wants to reward you for helping the environment.

How many times have you considered that you should change the awning, that it has become old and does not meet your needs? Or do you […]
17 June, 2019

What to do to avoid rusting?

Everyone, who more or less, we have a metal object that can be exposed to the weather, which makes it run the risk of rusting, something […]
14 June, 2019
eficiencia energética

How to save energy at home

Energy saving is (or should be) one of the main objectives of any home. Everything that saves energy not only means having to pay less in […]
8 June, 2019

Because the ocean is our lung.

On December 5, 2008, the General Assembly of the United Nations, for initiative of Canada, resolved that from 2009 on June 8 would be the Day […]

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