Types of patio awnings

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At Toldos Guardamar we know that patios are outdoor spaces that are usually found at the back of a building. These places do not have a roof and are used for the recreation or leisure of the residents or visitors of a dwelling.

Sometimes the patios are common areas shared by several owners, in addition, they can be surrounded by some type of enclosure or completely devoid of them.

Despite the existence of several types of patios, they have in common a characteristic that distinguishes them, the lack of a roof or direct exposure to the open air. This element gives the patio a special character that makes it ideal for resting, playing, having fun or simply spending the day alone or with friends.

This feature of being outdoors is the advantage and disadvantage of a patio, since in times of high sun, wind or rain we will not have any type of protection. For this reason, patio awnings have been created as an effective alternative to protect us from the elements, and at the same time continue enjoying the benefits of being outdoors.

Among the existing awnings for patios we can highlight the following:

Palillery-type awning: this type of awning is installed with an aluminum pergola-type structure covered with an acrylic or PVC canvas and is ideal for covering large spaces in our patio. This structure can be attached to your house or be completely independent of it and self-supporting. This type of awning can also be complemented with curtains or curtains and windbreak guides to create a more protected system in times when the weather is pleasant and thus be able to continue using our outdoor spaces.

Extendable arm awnings: these are the most classic or common and some call them articulated awnings. They basically work with a metal arm that extends or retracts to unfold the entire structure.

Box-type awnings: this type of awning is the same as the previous one, but the only difference is that its structure is designed in such a way that all the elements of the awning are protected when it is retracted.

Veranda-type awnings: this type of awning is perfect for installation in patios or gardens and consists of a metal structure that has special side rails where a motor is attached that allows the canvas to move so that Guardamar stays inside a box. It can also be placed on top of an existing structure in your home.

Whatever the awning you are looking for, at Toldos Guardamar you will find the best solution. Contact us and one of our technical assistants will be happy to assist you and advise you without obligation. 40 years of experience guarantee us, and whenever you need us we will be here to guarantee your peace of mind.

“Our philosophy is our identity” – Agustín Salvat.


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