Tips to prepare your terrace to celebrate Christmas lunches and dinners

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We are very accustomed to the fact that the lunches and dinners that we make in our house at Christmas are celebrated inside our home, but… If you have a good terrace in it, why not change and make them this year in our garden?

You will probably think that, if it rains it will spoil everything you had prepared for your guests in the outdoor areas of your home and, finally, you’ll end up making food inside as usual. Why would you put all his effort into preparing a different meal if in the end it would end up being as usual?

Well, that wouldn’t have to be the case if you had a good sun protection system on the terrace of your home.

In Toldos Guardamar, we are experts in the design, manufacture and installation of awnings in the province of Alicante, in cities such as: Calpe, San Fulgencio, Guardamar del Segura or Santa Pola.

For this reason, over the years, we have been developing new models of solar protection systems that not only protect us from the sun’s rays and the heat in the summer months, they are totally resistant to the different inclemencies of weather, allowing us to enjoy our terrace during all seasons of the year.

Why not make a different Christmas lunch or dinner then on your terrace?

The truth is that, in the province of Alicante, usually has good weather throughout the year, but it could be that on that day when we are going to celebrate the Christmas meal in our home, the weather surprises us with rain or unexpected winds.

With a solar protection system, made of highly resistant materials, making this event on our terrace would not be a problem for us.

Therefore, from Toldos Guardamar, we would like to give you some ideas to celebrate a different Christmas lunch or dinner on your terrace to surprise all your guests.

Tips to make a Christmas dinner on the terrace of your home

Do you already have a sun protection system totally resistant to inclement weather in your garden? Great! The first step is to display it to see the space we have to place all the furniture and Christmas decorations necessary to celebrate this event.

Once we know how much space we have, we have to prepare everything we need to make our guests feel comfortable and enjoy the outdoor areas of our home as much as possible during the meal, for example: decorating the table with Christmas decorations such as candles, centers or garlands, covering the chairs of the guests with Christmas’ covers, and above all, adorning our terrace to give a touch creative and original to our event.

Can’t you think of anything original for this? Don’t worry! We have a post in which we give you Christmas decoration ideas for your terrace.

Finally, surprise your guests with some detail so that your Christmas meal ends up being a success.


Do you still not have a sun protection system that is highly resistant to inclement weather? Consult all the models of our catalog and don’t hesitate to contact us . We Will very happy to advise you.

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