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5 May, 2020
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12 May, 2020
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The choice of an awning or a pergola as a sun protection system is an important decision, since they are elements that will accompany us over time. A poor choice will cause discomfort and even premature deterioration.

From TOLDOS GUARDAMAR, you will always find professional advice in order not to err in the choice, since many are the factors that must influence the decision.


  • Current legislation. Perhaps it is the first thing that should be valued, both in terms of horizontal property and in local matters. On the one hand, the municipalities usually regulate the installation or use of these elements, and on the other hand it is always advisable to consult the community of owners so as not to have future neighborhood conflicts.
  • Areas with risk of gusts of wind. In these cases the best option is a pergola. Anchoring a pergola to the ground makes its resistance to gusts of wind greater. Placing an awning in an attic where strong gusts of wind are foreseeable will be problems in the future.
  • Surface to cover. The larger the surface to be covered, the more recommended is the installation of a pergola.
  • Durability. As a general rule, pergolas tend to be more durable, and in the event of breakage, repair is usually less expensive than an awning.

Remind you that at TOLDOS GUARDAMAR we also have post-sale technical service at home with slight breakage. Do not hesitate to contact us to assess the repair of a damaged item.

  • Esthetic. Awnings are usually “better concealed” in the aesthetics that surround them and allow collection if their use is not necessary.

Remember to evaluate these recommendations before choosing between an awning or a pergola as a protection system. We will be delighted from TOLDOS GUARDAMAR to advise you on the choice, always complying with our philosophy of sustainable company.

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