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If you want to renovate your interior patio, sliding awnings are the best solution, thanks to them you will be able to expand or extend the interior of your home towards the outside, providing elements of functionality and beauty that you would not otherwise achieve.

In this sense, sliding awnings for patios have become an excellent way to renovate these spaces, promoting gatherings or reunions with our friends and loved ones.

In general, sliding awnings are designed to open or close depending on our needs and weather conditions. These structures can be autonomous, that is, they open or close thanks to electronic sensors that detect the presence of sun, rain, or wind.

Likewise, sliding awnings can be motorized but with remote control and also completely manual, that is to say that their opening and closing must be done by a person through a special mechanism.

Currently there is a wide range of sliding awnings and among them we can highlight the following:

  • Palilleria type awning between walls: this kind of awnings are perfect for interior patios since their anchors are located laterally on the patio walls, they can also be operated manually or with an electric motor.
  • Goal post type awning: this type of awning is anchored to a wall on one side and to a metal structure or goal post on the other, for this reason it allows a perfect fit depending on the size and shape of the patio.
  • Pergola canopy type awning: this type of awning requires a metal structure independent of the structure of the house. With this system we can cover large areas and place them in any area of ​​our patio, either in the middle of the garden, next to the Jacuzzi pool or covering them if we want them to be totally in the shade, creating areas to exercise outdoors protected from the sun or playgrounds for our little ones.
  • Veranda-type sliding awning: this type of awning uses a pergola-type structure in which a fabric is attached that moves parallel to the structure.

As we can see, there are several options of sliding awnings that we can use to renovate our interior patio, if you wish to obtain more information about this type of awning, do not hesitate to contact us and from Toldos Guardamar we will give you all the information you need.

Our technical assistants will always be able to offer you the best solution. 40 years of experience and at your side guarantee us. Trust Toldos Guardamar. We are always here to help you.

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