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With the arrival of a new season, Toldos Guardamar presents the latest developments in terms of awnings, both for homes and businesses, gardens, etc., and also other trends that are increasingly getting more and more weight in the sector.

One of them is the recycling of awnings, something necessary for those awnings that need to be changed, and can be used again after subjecting the different materials to a process in which almost everything is used, from metal such as aluminum to the awning fabric itself.

The importance of the recycling of awnings

Although the awnings that are currently manufactured are ready to last for many years, these are not eternal because they are exposed to many agents that can gradually damage them, as the action of the sun, rain, humidity, wind, etc.

Another point to keep in mind is that many of the materials with which the awnings are built are 100% environmentally friendly and completely recyclable, so that, when the time comes, they can be used again after having gone through their corresponding process of recycling.

This is one of the great bets of Toldos Guardamar, always respecting the environment with the materials used in the manufacture of its awnings, such as aluminum, a material that, as we all know, can be recycled a big number of times, which shows how our firm is concerned with the environment.

On the other hand, canvas are also another of the components most used in the manufacture of awnings and, nowadays, is opting on the use of materials of great resistance against the elements and the action of the sun, but also have the possibility of being completely recycled.

At Toldos Guardamar Awnings Markisen we take care of recycling your old awnings for free! Feel free to contact us.

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