What is the UPF 80+ and why do all our awnings have it?

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It is the maximum level of protection that a sun protection system can have on the market.

Because in Toldos Guardamar we do not only worry about the awnings that we install in the homes of our customers are beautiful in their facades,  we want to ensure the protection of them against the harmful UVA rays.

All our solar protection systems have UPF 80+, thanks to the amount of thread per m2 that guarantee a compact structure, giving a compact structure that minimizes the holes that the sun and UVA rays can gt through.

How do we guarantee the UPF 80+ in our products?

In Toldos Guardamar we follow the Standard UVA European Normative 801, created in order to provide consumers with a reliable and quality UPF, without forgetting the aesthetics and the incorporation of the latest techniques in the manufacture of our solar protection systems.

What would be the point of installing an awning to enjoy the outdoor areas of our home if it is not really protecting us from the sun’s rays? In this way, with our protection systems, you can enjoy the outdoors of your garden or terrace, with all the benefits that it has for your health.

Because in our company we do not want to sell only an awning that will accompany us for many years in our home, we try that our customers have a great experience with their solar protection system.

From Toldos Guardamar we wish that you only worry about enjoying the relax and tranquility in the exterior of your home, while we take care of your protection.

Therefore, the installation of any of our solar protection systems on your balcony, terrace or garden has the guarantee that your home, and yourself, will always be protected from the sun and excess heat.

Do you want to know all the solar protection systems we have in Toldos Guardamar? Do not hesitate to consult our catalog.

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