Are you going to go on vacation to the mountain? Respect the natural environment

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21 December, 2017
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During the Christmas holidays, many people like to travel to secluded places in the city where they can relax.

A great option is to escape to the mountain, away from the noise, stress and pollution of this place where we usually live, to breathe fresh air and get energies for return to the routine.

The mountain, or the countryside, are ideal places to recharge our batteries and fill us with life. So visiting from time to time these natural environments is fundamental to ensure our quality of life and that of our children.

The problem comes when those who decide to go on vacation to the mountain have no respect for our environment and, instead of helping to conserveit, they harm it.

In many cases, this is because of the ignorance of a big part of the people of what we must do to take care of our natural resources, which are so important for our health.

Therefore, to avoid that, these places we visit to breathe fresh air are disappearing. Because of this, it’s essential that we know the role that our natural environment plays in our lives.

How can we help take care of the mountain while we enjoy it?

Enjoying the mountain in our vacations is not incompatible with taking care of it and respecting it during our stay in it. Simply, we must act in such a way that the effects of our actions impact as little as possible on it.

What can we do for it? Well, there are things we all know we shouldn’t do when we visit the countryside, the forest or the mountain.

For example: we shouldn’t make any kind of fire in it, it ‘s not appropriate to smoke in places full of trees or branches that can burn and produce a fire, and we shouldn’t throw garbage in it either.

The question is to try to leave the mountain as we have found it, without doing anything that could harm our natural environment. Although if we have found it full of rubbish, we can contribute to our environment collecting and depositing it in the place that corresponds to it, of course, it’s not in the mountain.


In conclusion, the disappearance of our natural environment will depend absolutely on the actions we carry out in it. Therefore, it’s only our decision to keep it in conditions for it continues to be beneficial for our health and of the future generations.

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