We check your awning for free to have it ready for summer

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To have an awning is to have an excellent system of sun protection at home or in any kind of business that has showcase or terrace. Proper maintenance is vital so that it is always in the best condition, especially if it has not been used for a long time. To have an awning made of Toldos Guardamar is to be safe, because it is about top quality products and this brings with it a free awning revision.

In this way, the awning will be ready for another summer season, without having to leave everything for the last minute. The most advisable thing is to have everything prepared with time in advance and to be able to fully enjoy the benefits of an awning.

What is checked in an awning

In a revision, all the points of the awning are inspected, such as, for example, the state of the subjection of the same to the wall, roof or where it is anchored. This is very important, so that the awning is firm and can withstand the possible gusts of wind. Although the fastening is in the best condition, it is recommended that when the wind is very high, the awning is collected.

The profiles are another of the aspects that are reviewed, as well as the awning drive system in case the awning has it. In this way you will have the security that everything works correctly, both when extending and collecting the awning, both manually and automatically.

The canvas is another of the inspection points. Not all canopies are cared for in the same way or are exposed to the same weather conditions, so it is possible that there may be some damage. In this case, the professionals will be in charge of locating the affected parts and will advise about their repair.

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