What can we do in the spring?

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14 April, 2017
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What can we do in the spring?

Of course it is the ideal season for outdoor activities because we enjoy a perfect average temperature. In the spring, especially at parties or weekends, we can travel, play sports or go to the beach.
Toldos Guardamar recommends:

Going to the beach can be a good plan when the temperature starts to be pleasant. In spring we do not recommend that you take a bath because until June the water does not reach its ideal temperature but at least do not forget your towel and enjoy sunbathing or reading a good book, but always remember to protect yourself using sunblock.

Rent a cottage. The freedom of renting a country house is unsurpassed, allowing you to organize your holiday in a rural and natural environment. In addition, depending on the preferences of each, it is possible to taste the typical cuisine of the place we visit and soak up the local culture, but above all, most importantly, enjoy a few days of tranquility and rest in the countryside away from the stressful city.

 Practicing outdoor sports is a healthy activity to do in the company of friends or family, which can range from a fun football game to an intense morning of climbing in some beautiful place. In addition, risky sports such as Bungee jumping or rafting are very fashionable today, while not forgetting other group activities that are less risky but equally fun as Paintball.

 Sightseeing. Traveling or planning a getaway are very good alternatives to do in spring as the good weather arrives. What matters least is the destination, just simply know what are the specific places you want to visit. In addition, there are other alternatives to traditional tourism such as ecological tourism, an approach for tourism activities in which privilege preservation and appreciation of the environment (both natural and cultural) that welcomes visitors.

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